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Ethnographic Research




Raw Mango is a fashion and textile brand that  has a cult following of some thousands. Women across India and the world love their refined saris in particular. When they approached Meher Varma in 2020, they were just about getting to 10 years in business. Despite a hugely successful business and growing fan base, they wanted to think about future directions for the next decade.


Has Raw Mango become synonymous with the sari, and in what ways was this equation both empowering and limiting? What did consumers ‘want’ from Raw Mango products and how could these perceptions be used to decide which product categories they could explore in the next ten  years? Meher Varma developed innovative ethnographic methods for a study   with select Raw Mango consumers in Delhi and Bombay. It was important for us to keep things fun for the interview participants too: we played sari-dress up games, created activities that used magazine cut outs and flash cards, and designed focus groups that at times, felt like one big, group therapy session.

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