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In the Know is a Delhi based fragrance design company, founded by Ruchi Vaish, the “nose.” While developing a collection inspired by the natural fragrance of India, Ruchi approached Meher Varma and team to create a seductive copy that could go on the product labels and communication.



Taking Delhi as our inspiration and eternal moodboard, we created copy that chat GPT wishes it could come up with. Like this: 


1 Candle Name: Delhi at Dawn

 The hours worth living for

 Olfactive Description: Patchouli, Musk and Orange


Imaginary hours, the color of dreams. No filter. Dewy, bright, and fragrant with the smell of freshly cut grass, the Delhi Dawn delights only a select few: joggers, restless sleepers, and the intoxicated who stretch out fun till it wears air-thin.

 If you’re one that revels in the smell of the morning - earthy, sweet, and woody – but not a morning person, this calls  your name.



2 Candle Name: The Delhi Don

 Old spice aftershave, amber wood, leather briefcase, good looks.

 Olfactive Description: Aldehydes, Mandarin Orange, Black pepper, Neroli, Tonka Beans

 Closed circles, the waft of a Cuban cigar; well-serviced cloak rooms and third generation barber shops, pool tables, loaded cues. The inner sanctums of old clubhouses where tips are leaked and tee off times confirmed. 


The smells that only open up after the dark, when the sun sets and the temperature drops.


 We also did the brand’s website copy.

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